CIT Energy Management

CIT Energy Management offers unique competence in the areas of energy efficiency and indoor climates and -environments in buildings. We have extensive knowledge and experience concerning all kinds of constructions; anything from apartment buildings to the most advanced laboratories and cleanrooms. Together with our clients, we identify the most beneficial long-term solutions in terms of energy consumption, and ensure that the company obtains the indoor climate and environment appropriate for their particular operations.

Improving energy efficiency in buildings

In CIT Energy Management, practical experience is combined with high scientific competence regarding the financial and technical consequences of energy-savings measures. We are also very familiar with and have extensive knowledge concerning models for energy-simulations for different kinds of buildings and the business operations conducted within them.

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For more information, please contact:

Per-Erik Nilsson
CEO CIT Energy Management AB
+46 (0) 70-5152446

Indoor environment and cleanrooms

Energy saving measures should only be applied if the required and desired indoor climate can be guaranteed. Doing so requires a thorough analysis of the factors that may influence the indoor climate.  We aid companies and trade associations in developing rules and guidelines for well-functioning installations and the appropriate indoor climate.

In the areas of laboratory ventilation and protection ventilation we provide unique competence and experience. We have access to the necessary and often advanced technical resources required for adequate evaluation of protective ventilation. CIT Energy Management also has three CTCB-certified cleanroom controllers, who are qualified as Professional controllers.

Read more about what we do in indoor environments and cleanrooms at www.energy-management.se/innemiljo

For more information, please contact:

Lars Ekberg
Sector Area Manager CIT Energy Management AB
+46 (0) 70-3151155